all Straylight Embers Breaks mix by DJ Mix (2021-10-24)

--> 320 kbps mp3

00. 	intros
01. 	Straylight - "Spook Groove 2021" [free Embers Remixed EP]
02. 	Straylight - "Geode" [free Embers II EP]
03. 	Straylight - "Reverberations" [free Embers III EP]
04. 	Straylight - "Epilogue" [free Embers II EP]
05. 	Straylight - "Phoenix" [free Embers I EP]
06. 	Straylight - "Chicken" [free Embers I EP]
07. 	Straylight - "Plateau" [free Embers II EP]
08. 	Embertone - "Represent" (Straylight Remix) [free Embers Remixed EP]
09. 	Straylight - "Bishop Kicker" [free Embers I EP]
10. 	Straylight - "Bishop Kicker" (Up The Arse VIP) [free Embers Remixed EP]
11. 	Straylight - "Slag 2" [free Embers II EP]
12. 	Straylight - "Slag" [free Embers I EP]
13. 	Straylight - "Enemy Unknown" (Schulzik VIP) [unreleased]
14. 	Straylight - "Whallop" [free Embers III EP]
15. 	Straylight - "The Mlems" [free Embers III EP]
16. 	Straylight - "Just So" [free Embers IV EP]
00. 	interludes
17. 	Straylight - "Death Sticks" (Edit) [free Embers IV EP]
18. 	Straylight - "Wandering Flame" [free Embers IV EP]
19. 	Signor Strisce - "Gimmick" (Straylight Remix) [free Embers Remixed EP]
20. 	Heros Theme - "Sticks" (Straylight Remix) [free Embers IV EP]
21. 	non-stick bonus: Straylight - "Panic" [free]
00. 	outros  
Standard tl;dr note:
In 2011 the retrospective godfather producer mONo BKT (aka Pecavi) meant to invent and establish Embers Breaks as a serious new music genre with fast aspect drums and psychedelics at 145 bpm, but of course the Internet made it into a joke about sticks. Ironically, one decade later in April 2021 when that joke was rehashed for the monthly DOA Grid producers challenge, things began to become increasingly seriouslish. The theme survived its designated month, and as time went by more tunes kept being made and the respective DOA thread kept growing. After half a year of sticktivism there are now more than 150 Embers Breaks 2.0 tunes from a prolific bunch of producers with notable talent among them (a few tunes even made it to commercial release) and a weekly radioshow on Youtube (Kebab Shop Sound System) where the newly (re?)born scene's godmother DJ Nutta fuses Jamaican, African American and British DJ cultures with Kebabery and visualism in order to provide a good home for prewinding & premiering the newest Embers dubplates ("Dembers") and re-presenting selected hymns in an appropriate way every Sunday evening to a small but loyal crowd of emberists wearing monocles in front of the computer screens in their bedrooms and calling each other Opticals for two hours. This is considered normal behaviour in the Embers Breaks genre and culture, and Straylight is one of the serious musical talents at the core of this experimental micro niche genre joke turned creative wellspring. Many of his "older" tunes (from earlier this year) in this mix are deemed classic Embers. First come thirteen steppers and rollers ("Stembers" and "Rombers" aka "Normal Embers"), then three halftime tunes ("Slembers"), four Jungle Embers ("Jembers") and finally a non-sticky bonus track. In case you don't like such mixes, the single tunes are all publically available in full as wav files for free on Straylight's Soundcloud profile, thank him very much! And make sure to check out his non-Embers ("Nembers") productions on Bandcamp as well.

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